“Petit Crest Villas at Big Canoe has worked with Richard Black from Global Resort Publications since 2007.  Richard has provided our resort with a wonderful Guest Services Directory on an annual basis for our resort villas as well as an on-line version that we use on our website.

Richard interacts with our vendors, local establishments, restaurants, etc. and always is professional and efficient in his business dealings.  We all look forward to that time of year when we know Richard will be in-town to prepare for our upcoming directory.

Richard has exceeded all our expectations by providing us with an easy to read Directory that is available in all of our villas for our guest’s information.  The user-friendly on-line directory is a great tool to have for our new guests to view prior to their arrival.

We highly recommend Richard and Global Resort Publications!”

Jamie Kemp – Resort Property Manager

Tammy Owen – Front Desk Manager

“Global Resort Publications has produced our in-room directory for many years and they do a great job. It looks professional, our advertisers are happy and they renew year after year. I would definitely recommend Global Resort Publications.”

Ellen K. Serra

“We have been working with Global Resort Publications for over four years, and we will continue giving them our business due to their professionalism, integrity and exceptional customer relations.”

Mariano Katz