“I entered into an agreement with Global Resort Publications a little over two years ago. It was a decision that in hindsight I should have made years earlier. The professionalism and class that they exhibit is unsurpassed in the industry. The talent and skill they posess is also unmatched. The end result is a superior room directory for our guests use, and happier advertisers who have put down their money to be placed in front of our guests.”

“If you are looking for an in room guest directory, GRP should be your first call. You will not be disappointed.”

Mark A. Lisby
Lighthouse Cove Resort

“Global Resort Publications has produced our in-room directory for many years and they do a great job. It looks professional, our advertisers are happy and they renew year after year. I would definitely recommend Global Resort Publications.”

Ellen K. Serra

“We have been working with Global Resort Publications for over four years, and we will continue giving them our business due to their professionalism, integrity and exceptional customer relations.”

Mariano Katz